About BlackWolf Consultants

The unparalleled pace of change in the world today can only be met with courage, authenticity, deep personal principles and collective conviction. BlackWolf Consultants transforms leaders by translating their values and gifts into action while igniting passion and performance both personally and professionally. Our structured consulting processes catalyze transformation, deepen contribution, and encourage each team member to accept full responsibility for their choices, behavior and results.

Transformation is not a word we use lightly. We believe that every human is born with a purpose. To operate at full potential, individuals and teams must identify and transcend disempowering mindset/beliefs, and consciously choose empowering beliefs, from which one can then create empowering behaviors. This empowering mindset is the root source of personal and team purpose.

We have a proven track record of strengthening leadership, improving communication and building a culture of inclusion, belonging, responsibility and trust.

In partnership with our consultant coaches, you can live your values and operate at full capacity, achieving individual and collective potential while delivering long-term value and tangible ROI for your organization.

Our Clients


Robert Krenza

Position: Founder & CEO
Email: robert.krenza@blackwolfconsultants.com

Robert founded BlackWolf Consultants to offer leaders guidance on a new journey where they can learn how to transform their lives and attain their goals. Robert gathers facilitators and coaches who act as guards and teachers – sometimes strongly, sometimes gently – but always with heart and meaning. He brings the qualities of courage, perseverance, passion, challenge, compassion, community, contribution, loyalty, and integrity, to his work.  He listens to deeply understand the essence of all that is and the unrealized potential in a person, a team, or an organization.

Robert’s 25 years of experience working domestically and abroad with Senior Executives and their teams have provided him with an extensive understanding of their unique cultural nuances. Such locations include Latin America, Russia, India, Africa, the Asia Pacific, USA, Europe, and Australia. Robert is the creator of the BlackWolf Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration (CTLA) program.  The work of BlackWolf Consultants consistently generates extraordinary success for its corporate clientele, producing a quantum change in their effectiveness.

Robert’s facilitation and coaching are connected, engaging and motivate transformation.  He helps individual leaders to feel valued, seen, and heard.  Robert has spent a lifetime studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation, which he views as the cornerstone to the success of his professional work.

See more or book Robert as a speaker at RobertKrenza.com

Robert Krenza

Founder & CEO

Robert founded BlackWolf Consultants to offer leaders guidance on a...

Peter Cook, MBA

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Email: peter.cook@blackwolfconsultants.com

Peter received his MBA from Stanford University and spent decades at work understanding how to support elegant financial systems and processes for major corporations.  

Now Peter provides his support to BlackWolf compelling leadership and management programs by acting as the Chief Financial Officer for the organization providing deep analysis of corporate strategy, governance, and financial performance.   He is driven to engage his strengths and his deep professional experience in support of BlackWolf’s abiding belief in leaders and their transformational growth.  


Peter Cook, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Peter received his MBA from Stanford University and spent decades...


Deborah Innana

Position: BlackWolf Women’s Immersions / Equine Guided Coaching
Email: deborah.innana@blackwolfconsultants.com

As Robert’s wife and partner, Deborah is thrilled to be an alliance to BlackWolf Consultants. Deborah is a gifted coach who guides her clients through a process that clears that which holds them apart from the joy, beauty, love, and wisdom that exists inside of them and around them all of the time.

Deborah also partners with horses to provide Equine Guided Education (EGE) sessions for BlackWolf clients where the horse is the guide, reflecting the deepest feelings, non-verbal communication, and energetic vibration of the client. Learn about more about Deborah’s Equine work: https://www.gatesofinanna.com

Deborah is passionate about helping clients remember that we are interconnected with everything and that as we magnify our vibration and light, we enlighten those around us and raise the vibration of everyone, everything, and the planet.

Deborah Innana

BlackWolf Women’s Immersions / Equine Guided Coaching

As Robert’s wife and partner, Deborah is thrilled to be...

Gabriel Krenza, BA/BS, MBA

Position: Senior Experiential Specialist
Email: gabriel.krenza@blackwolfconsultants.com

Gabriel is a graduate of Presido Graduate School with an MBA in Sustainable Leadership and Analytics. Gabriel is a Senior Consultant with BlackWolf focusing on Responsible Leadership through several methodologies including Wilderness Immersions to reconnect leaders with their environmental and social ethos in their roles in global organizations. He and has worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as a Strategic Advisor for their professional sports greening initiative; his work includes developing strategy and recruiting business leaders and professional athletes to endorse and promote sustainable food purchasing practices at arenas throughout the country.

He is a Senior Instructor with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), a wilderness education school offering expedition length courses in eight countries from Senior Executive and Navy Seals to Social Entrepreneurs and Graduate Students. He received two BA degrees with honors in both Environmental Studies and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Montana-Missoula. Prior to joining BlackWolf Gabriel managed a free-range, grass-fed cattle ranch in Montana.

As the Founder of BlackWolf Expeditions, Gabriel’s work in both the fields of sustainability strategy and organizational development are inspired by embracing the concept that our lives are intrinsically interconnected with all other lives on this planet. Gabriel believes that we are operating towards optimal efficiency in a world of constraint and possibility; our ability to effectively identify (and embrace) each is what allows us to evolve as both organizations and individuals.  Gabriel provides BlackWolf clients with learning opportunities that foster ability to be most effective as their true selves. 

As a professional experiential educator, Gabriel creates theory-of-change curriculums and executes front and backcountry experiences with intact teams from the United States Navy, NASA, Google, REI, UPenn Wharton School of Business and many others. He has witnessed a profound shift in the environmental ethos and leadership capacity of peers and clients as a result of these transformational wilderness experiences.  Gabriel also finds that living and working in a dynamic environment always reignites his appreciation for the control vs. influence dichotomy.

Gabriel is inspired by relationships that accelerate interpersonal team growth. His style is largely Socratic and inquiry-based; seeking first to ‘show up’, second to understand, and ultimately to provide supportive partnership. Gabriel approaches his learning and facilitation with both humility and vulnerability. He holds true the belief that trust is at the root of all relationship and that trust starts with our openness to being vulnerable with each other; in professional and personal settings.

Gabriel Krenza, BA/BS, MBA

Senior Experiential Specialist

Gabriel is a graduate of Presido Graduate School with an...

Farhad Motiwalla, BA

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant
Email: farhad.motiwalla@blackwolfconsultants.com

Farhad is a graduate of Cornell University and speaks English, French, Arabic, Hindi and some Spanish and Italian.  He is certified to deliver and facilitate the Hogan Assessment System, and Human Synergistics Inventories (LSI, OCI). Additionally, Farhad has earned his credentials as a Stakeholder Centered Coach from Marshall Goldsmith.

In his role as a senior communications specialist and coach over the past twenty years, Farhad has provided strategic communication counsel, executive coaching, pitch consulting, and communication skills development for various business leaders and companies ranging widely in size, market, and geography.

Farhad’s primary focus is in helping senior-most executives lead, grow, and manage their organizations through complexities; navigate change and support them in the execution of the strategy; tackle critical business issues while challenging their approach; assist them to clearly think through intended (& unintended) consequences; and to develop their brand as authentic leaders, leading in complex times. Additionally, he is a masterful coach in the areas of negotiation, business development, ethical decision-making, and persuasive communication skills for a variety of high stake situations.

Farhad operates from the perspective that communication is as much about effectively expressing your thoughts as it is about ensuring that others hear precisely what you mean.  He facilitates and coaches from the approach that people are innately capable storytellers and focuses on ensuring that the story you mean to tell is the one being heard.  He believes that the future of work is based on leaders effectively creating clear and open cultures for the teams that they manage.

Clients value Farhad’s insightful style and his ability to inspire and execute dramatic change in their presence, leadership role and organization culture. Using powerful and progressive coaching techniques, Farhad is consistently able to transform the way a leadership team thinks about every aspect of its business.  With over twenty years of experience, he brings a critical focus on measurable outcomes, ensuring that key resources and activities needed to achieve breakthrough results are identified and supported. Farhad is passionate about his clients’ and their successes.

Residing in the New York Metro Area with his two children, Farhad is also a well-regarded coaching faculty member for Harvard University’s Advance Management Program within the Harvard Business School.

Farhad Motiwalla, BA

Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Farhad is a graduate of Cornell University and speaks English,...

Patty Oakley

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant
Email: patty.oakley@blackwolfconsultants.com

Patty is a seasoned consultant with education and certifications in Psychology and Education.  Coming from a background working with high tech and healthcare, she focuses on leadership development, culture transformation, strategic development, and service excellence.

Patty is a passionate learning professional with extensive experience enabling global businesses to achieve their strategic goals, improving the performance of teams and individuals.  She works with  clients to see and experience their immense potential and possibility and to explore leadership from the inside out.  Patty is gifted at enabling greater confidence and competence helping leaders to passionately engage in life.

Known for coaching and building relationships with internal and external customers, she has strong skills in the design, development, and delivery of effective performance improvement interventions. Patty is absolutely committed to her client’s growth and transformation, listening deeply and offering a mirror to better explore issues and celebrate progress.

Patty specializes in facilitation of the CTLA program, leadership development, coaching for personal performance, management and leadership skills, and building service cultures of excellence.

Patty Oakley

Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Patty is a seasoned consultant with education and certifications in...

Burke Miller, BA, MA

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant
Email: burke.miller@blackwolfconsultants.com

Burke’s formal education includes an MA from Antioch University and a BA from Williams College. He also has extensive formal training, experience and mastery in educational design, human development, and psychology. He has advanced training in organizational and executive coaching from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Center for Right Relationship; and training in leadership methodologies with CTI, Verus Global, and Denver Community Leadership Forum. He is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile, a comprehensive 360 feedback and coaching process.

Burke Miller is a deeply intuitive coach and facilitator who brings more than 20 years of experience coaching executives and facilitating high-level teams.  He offers a rich background in learning design, human development, psychology, philosophy and sustainability to his work with individual clients and teams.  

Burke is known for his ability to ask powerful questions and to get to actionable breakthroughs quickly. His clients tangibly increase the quality of their leadership presence and impact; and improve their capabilities to build trust, drive innovation, and create cultures of excellence. Clients also invariably make strides in creating healthy integration of their personal and work lives through Burke’s skill at working with the “whole leader.”

Burke has worked extensively internationally, working with leaders in Latin America, Europe, Australia, China, Russia, India, Japan, and the UK for multinational clients including Mars, Owens-Illinois, Kellogg, Proctor and Gamble, Accenture, Nestle, and Mazda. Burke represents BlackWolf Consultants at several levels in Mars, including work with the Global Leadership Team of Mars Petcare and two global presidents.  In BlackWolf, Burke serves as content design leader and lead coach for the BlackWolf Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration (CTLA) program.

Burke’s coaching style is firm and direct and compassionate and engaging, creating the safety clients need to move out of their comfort zones into new mindsets and behaviors. His focus is always on impact, helping the client bring out the best in people and teams through enhanced interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, behaviors that build engagement, and compelling vision.

Burke Miller, BA, MA

Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Burke’s formal education includes an MA from Antioch University and...

Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, PCC

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant
Email: courtney.feider@blackwolfconsultants.com

Courtney received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Communications and Secondary Education, with focus areas in Psychology and Art.  She also trained and worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, offering her knowledge of the body-mind connection and the effect somatic presence has on leadership. Courtney is an ICF certified coach who applies the principles of communication and presence in her work with tired leaders who need safe space to feel creative, valued, seen and heard. 

Courtney has done Organizational Development and Marketing/Communications Strategy for major companies in many vertical industries including the High Tech industry, Healthcare in the US and Canada, the Financial industry, and the Food & Beverage industry at Global Enterprise, SMB, and Startup levels. Courtney has specialty training in Creativity, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications, Design Thinking, Culture Transformation, and Presence Based Leadership Development.  She is certified to administer the Leadership Circle 360 Profile, Leadership Circle Culture Survey for Teams, and is experienced at using the Enneagram to support individuals and teams.

Courtney is clear that the future of work is based on leaders designing a creative and emotionally stable culture for the teams they manage.  She is focused on helping her clients achieve personal transformation, expansive leadership, and a profound shift in engagement and results individually and on the teams they manage.  She finds deep satisfaction in working with leaders one-on-one as well as coaching and facilitating programs to help teams experience a return to real trust and safety in the workplace. 

Courtney brings grounding presence and anchoring to a team or a group of people looking to share a transformational leadership experience as a group.  Her group facilitation style is one of listening, inclusion, safety and creative thinking, and her one-on-one coaching helps each leader feel whole and considered so that they can bring their best to group leadership development work and back to the workplace. 

Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, PCC

Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Courtney received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Communications...

Andy Churgin, BS, ACC

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant
Email: andy.churgin@blackwolfconsultants.com

Prior to becoming a coach, Andy worked in sales, marketing and general management. As brand manager, director of marketing, vice president of marketing and product development and president at various multi-national corporations and entrepreneurial companies, Andy developed expertise in strategic planning, team facilitation, product ideation, development and launch, and executive leadership. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland.

Andy has over 20 years of experience as an ICF Certified executive coach, helping hundreds of individuals and teams achieve their goals through deeper collaboration and greater leadership effectiveness. He has also extensively developed and conducted leadership development programs for many private and public sector organizations. Andy is a credentialed facilitator in the tools of Relationship Awareness Theory, including the Strength Deployment Inventory and the Portrait of Personal Strengths. He is a certified team coach by Team Coaching International and is qualified to administer their Team Diagnostic Assessment. He is also certified to administer the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment.

Andy views his role as helping his clients discover and adopt practices that bring forward their best selves and meaningfully contribute to success in their work and throughout their lives. He deeply believes this potential already lives within each person. To paraphrase the renaissance artist, Michelangelo Buonarotti, he sees his clients as the sculptors of their own lives, needing only to chisel away stone in order to reveal the polished statue that already exists within. Andy facilitates this discovery and adoption process through inquiry and honest, compassionate dialogue. He helps his clients hold themselves accountable to their visions for themselves and their work.

Andy believes it takes courage to change and that, in the words of social science researcher and author, Brené Brown, there is no courage without vulnerability. He is inspired to work with leaders willing to embrace discomfort and challenge the status quo in order to achieve their highest goals and visions.

Andy’s clients have said they value his ability to listen deeply. They appreciate when he draws on his own management experience to guide them to excel and strive for their full potential as leaders and agents of positive change. Clients have been pleasantly surprised at seeing that change was possible in a shorter timescale than they had expected.

Andy Churgin, BS, ACC

Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Prior to becoming a coach, Andy worked in sales, marketing...

Preston Cunningham, BA

Position: Experiential Specialist

Preston is a rising second-year MBA candidate at the University of Colorado specializing in Organizational Leadership and Operations.  He is an active member of the University community, serving as the President of the Outdoor Industry Professionals Organization where he connects the university with global leaders and manages consulting projects. Preston also holds leadership positions in the Net Impact Club and Consulting Club. A lifelong learner, he earned his first degree from the University of Louisville in Economics. 

Prior to his time at BlackWolf, Preston worked with some of the largest healthcare companies in the world helping strategize, manage, and execute enterprise wide technology projects. During this time, he worked with top leaders to build high preforming teams that would spearhead organizational change. Preston’s time in the wilderness as a teenager and young adult deeply informed his life both personally and professionally.  After witnessing/experiencing the transformational power of ‘the wild’ on a personal level, Preston felt called to help develop leaders find their power and core motivation by accessing hands on experiences.

With a long history as an outdoor education facilitator, Preston worked for over ten years at Northwaters Langskib Wilderness Programs as a senior guide and program director. As a guide he  worked with teams on extended expeditions all over the northern regions of Canada and the United States and help them find the profound lessons that sit in nature and the act of connecting to it.  He uses these skills in his work with BlackWolf helping to guide leaders to a truer and more complete experience at work and in life.

As an Experiential Specialist for BlackWolf, Preston brings a core belief that we can operate in an active place or a passive one; to take and hold the power of life or not to; to choose or to blame; and he has yet to find something that demonstrates that paradigm as well as the wilderness does. He believes that everyone has work to do and to start that conversation outside is worthwhile and very effective.

Preston is fueled by people who inspire him and that gives him the power to help inspire others. He bases his belief system in his values of trust, fun, integrity, passion, humility and love.  In his personal time, Preston can be found riding his bike, paddling a river, trying not to fall while skiing, and generally enjoying the majestic beauty of Boulder Colorado.

Preston Cunningham, BA

Experiential Specialist

Preston is a rising second-year MBA candidate at the University...


Alliances and Advisors

Peter Cook, Business Advisor

Peter serves as an outside business advisor to Black Wolf Consultants LLC.  He assists with strategy development and human resource optimization.  At the Jewel Companies of Chicago and then with Charles Levy & Co., Peter worked for 25 years as VP Store Operations, VP Growth & Development, and CFO.  He has spent the last 15+ years as a private investor and business advisor.  Peter has an MBA from Stanford University.  He also holds a degree in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire.

Mark Butler, Financial Advisor

Mark established the investment advisory and wealth management firm that is Butler Financial in 1996, after working for and training extensively with American Express/IDS.  He is Principal of the firm, relating directly with clients on matters of investment strategy, wealth transfer, and life transitions.  Mark holds a B.A./Philosophy (CU/Boulder) and M.A./Psych (Naropa University).

During the past seventeen years, he has served as director on several boards of education, religious, and financial not-for-profit organizations.  Mark is the author of Zen Money Blues, a book on the psychology of money.  A second book on the topic of money-in-relationship is due out in the Spring of 2014.