Transforming Leaders

& Organizations

For leaders, teams and organizations that seek to transcend turmoil, redefine what’s possible, and rise to greatness. BlackWolf Consultants identify the root causes of unrealized potential; the mindset/beliefs that drive the behaviors. BlackWolf services strengthen leadership, facilitate authentic communication and build a culture of inclusion, belonging and responsibility – ultimately unleashing individuals and their teams to live their values, collaborate effectively and operate at full capacity, achieving individual and collective transformation.

We transform leaders by consistently challenging them to first identify, then demonstrate their principles and values in action, personally and professionally.

With BlackWolf’s guidance, leaders within your organization can respond to the current challenges of today’s environment to meet their business goals. This creates a legacy that empowers lasting culture change and leaves a positive impact on future generations – and the world.

BlackWolf is a  full service Leadership and Organizational Development Consultancy including 1:1 and team coaching and facilitation programs for Executives, Board Members, Senior Leaders, General Managers, Directors, High Potentials and Junior Levels. 

Why do we call ourselves

BlackWolf Consultants?

BlackWolf Consultants evokes the spirit of the Wolf in our organizational transformation work. The Wolf represents each person’s instinctive nature that is wild, creative, resourceful, is never lost from its path and imbued with ageless wisdom. We leverage this natural symbol to bring illumination and deep transformation to humans.