Executive Leadership Coaching™


BlackWolf’s coaching and counseling to executives and senior leaders is a straightforward, outcome-driven direct approach to transform the personal and professional mindsets and behaviors that leaders need to adapt or let go. Our work creates a dramatic change in the form, appearance, substance and character of the leader’s we work with. This work is only for the leader who is ready and willing to do their work in order to become a relational self-authoring leader that establishes great relationships and effectively organizes and executes to accomplish their tasks. Multiple research all the way back to the 1950 Ohio State leadership studies show that no other combination of variables better accounts for a leader’s effectiveness than task and relationship. These findings have never been refuted. The work includes:
 • Providing a self-assessment leadership intake.
 • An online 360 leadership assessment from stakeholders assessing the leaders’ effectiveness on explicit and implicit expectations in the realms of task and relationship utilizing 18 creative competencies and 11 reactive tendencies to measure leadership effectiveness.
 • One-on-one, face-to-face interviews with the client’s key stakeholders to provide both relevant feedback and an understanding of the client’s leadership effectiveness and political acumen in the domains of relationship and task execution.

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