Robert Krenza

Position: Founder & CEO

Robert founded BlackWolf Consultants to offer leaders guidance on a new journey where they can learn how to transform their lives and attain their goals. Robert gathers facilitators and coaches who act as guards and teachers – sometimes strongly, sometimes gently – but always with heart and meaning. He brings the qualities of courage, perseverance, passion, challenge, compassion, community, contribution, loyalty, and integrity, to his work.  He listens to deeply understand the essence of all that is and the unrealized potential in a person, a team, or an organization.

Robert’s 25 years of experience working domestically and abroad with Senior Executives and their teams have provided him with an extensive understanding of their unique cultural nuances. Such locations include Latin America, Russia, India, Africa, the Asia Pacific, USA, Europe, and Australia. Robert is the creator of the BlackWolf Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration (CTLA) program.  The work of BlackWolf Consultants consistently generates extraordinary success for its corporate clientele, producing a quantum change in their effectiveness.

Robert’s facilitation and coaching are connected, engaging and motivate transformation.  He helps individual leaders to feel valued, seen, and heard.  Robert has spent a lifetime studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation, which he views as the cornerstone to the success of his professional work.

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