Patty Oakley

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Patty is a seasoned consultant with education and certifications in Psychology and Education.  Coming from a background working with high tech and healthcare, she focuses on leadership development, culture transformation, strategic development, and service excellence.

Patty is a passionate learning professional with extensive experience enabling global businesses to achieve their strategic goals, improving the performance of teams and individuals.  She works with  clients to see and experience their immense potential and possibility and to explore leadership from the inside out.  Patty is gifted at enabling greater confidence and competence helping leaders to passionately engage in life.

Known for coaching and building relationships with internal and external customers, she has strong skills in the design, development, and delivery of effective performance improvement interventions. Patty is absolutely committed to her client’s growth and transformation, listening deeply and offering a mirror to better explore issues and celebrate progress.

Patty specializes in facilitation of the CTLA program, leadership development, coaching for personal performance, management and leadership skills, and building service cultures of excellence.