Kate Patton, BlackWolf Consultants

Kate Patton

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Kate received a Bachelor of Science in International Relations, with a Minor in German. She is also a Certified Reiki Master and Reiki Trainer, offering her intuitive nature, guidance, and care and creating a positive impact on businesses and business owners.

Kate has over 25 years in the US corporate world, multinational corporations, and startups in the US and Germany. These experiences have given her a uniquely wide range of skills to draw from. Kate has performed work as a Business Owner, Executive Assistant, Chief Administrative Officer, Project Manager, Event and Retreat Planner and Manager, Financial Planner, Account/Client Manager in Sales and Advertising, Business Consultant, Outside Sales, Reiki Healer/Trainer, and Sound Healer.

Kate has specialty training in Project Management and Administration. She has over 15 years as an Administrator and Project Manager in the areas of product development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, trade shows, media events, retreats, and commercial construction build-outs.

Kate loves creating and managing systems of organization and optimizing existing systems. Her driving force in business is to support others to succeed. Kate is excellent at making meaning out of chaos. Kate operates from the state of being of service to others, it gives her the greatest amount of gratification to see how her support helps others thrive in what they do.

Kate provides her organizational support to Robert Krenza, CEO of BlackWolf, and the CTLA Facilitators and Clients as Executive Administrator. Kate brings all her skills and care to Clients that come to BlackWolf Consultants to support them in their journey of transformation. She uses the combination of her administrative and project management skills to provide the best to everyone she works with. That combined with her healing and sound healing skills, she has a unique ability to hold a large volume of data and still listen and feel peoples’ needs deeply, to offer the highest level of support to clients.

Kate is highly attentive to all of people’s needs. She brings a grounded, centered presence to everything she does. Kate is a caring, supportive, fast, a great listener, organizer, and manager of tasks.