Gabriel Krenza, BA/BS, MBA

Position: Senior Experiential Specialist

Gabriel is a graduate of Presido Graduate School with an MBA in Sustainable Leadership and Analytics. Gabriel is a Senior Consultant with BlackWolf focusing on Responsible Leadership through several methodologies including Wilderness Immersions to reconnect leaders with their environmental and social ethos in their roles in global organizations. He and has worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as a Strategic Advisor for their professional sports greening initiative; his work includes developing strategy and recruiting business leaders and professional athletes to endorse and promote sustainable food purchasing practices at arenas throughout the country.

He is a Senior Instructor with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), a wilderness education school offering expedition length courses in eight countries from Senior Executive and Navy Seals to Social Entrepreneurs and Graduate Students. He received two BA degrees with honors in both Environmental Studies and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Montana-Missoula. Prior to joining BlackWolf Gabriel managed a free-range, grass-fed cattle ranch in Montana.

As the Founder of BlackWolf Expeditions, Gabriel’s work in both the fields of sustainability strategy and organizational development are inspired by embracing the concept that our lives are intrinsically interconnected with all other lives on this planet. Gabriel believes that we are operating towards optimal efficiency in a world of constraint and possibility; our ability to effectively identify (and embrace) each is what allows us to evolve as both organizations and individuals.  Gabriel provides BlackWolf clients with learning opportunities that foster ability to be most effective as their true selves. 

As a professional experiential educator, Gabriel creates theory-of-change curriculums and executes front and backcountry experiences with intact teams from the United States Navy, NASA, Google, REI, UPenn Wharton School of Business and many others. He has witnessed a profound shift in the environmental ethos and leadership capacity of peers and clients as a result of these transformational wilderness experiences.  Gabriel also finds that living and working in a dynamic environment always reignites his appreciation for the control vs. influence dichotomy.

Gabriel is inspired by relationships that accelerate interpersonal team growth. His style is largely Socratic and inquiry-based; seeking first to ‘show up’, second to understand, and ultimately to provide supportive partnership. Gabriel approaches his learning and facilitation with both humility and vulnerability. He holds true the belief that trust is at the root of all relationship and that trust starts with our openness to being vulnerable with each other; in professional and personal settings.