Deborah Innana

Position: BlackWolf Women’s Immersions / Equine Guided Coaching

As Robert’s wife and partner, Deborah is thrilled to be an alliance to BlackWolf Consultants. Deborah is a gifted coach who guides her clients through a process that clears that which holds them apart from the joy, beauty, love, and wisdom that exists inside of them and around them all of the time.

Deborah also partners with horses to provide Equine Guided Education (EGE) sessions for BlackWolf clients where the horse is the guide, reflecting the deepest feelings, non-verbal communication, and energetic vibration of the client. Learn about more about Deborah’s Equine work:

Deborah is passionate about helping clients remember that we are interconnected with everything and that as we magnify our vibration and light, we enlighten those around us and raise the vibration of everyone, everything, and the planet.