Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, PCC

Position: Senior BlackWolf Consultant

Courtney received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Communications and Secondary Education, with focus areas in Psychology and Art.  She also trained and worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, offering her knowledge of the body-mind connection and the effect somatic presence has on leadership. Courtney is an ICF certified coach who applies the principles of communication and presence in her work with tired leaders who need safe space to feel creative, valued, seen and heard. 

Courtney has done Organizational Development and Marketing/Communications Strategy for major companies in many vertical industries including the High Tech industry, Healthcare in the US and Canada, the Financial industry, and the Food & Beverage industry at Global Enterprise, SMB, and Startup levels. Courtney has specialty training in Creativity, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications, Design Thinking, Culture Transformation, and Presence Based Leadership Development.  She is certified to administer the Leadership Circle 360 Profile, Leadership Circle Culture Survey for Teams, and is experienced at using the Enneagram to support individuals and teams.

Courtney is clear that the future of work is based on leaders designing a creative and emotionally stable culture for the teams they manage.  She is focused on helping her clients achieve personal transformation, expansive leadership, and a profound shift in engagement and results individually and on the teams they manage.  She finds deep satisfaction in working with leaders one-on-one as well as coaching and facilitating programs to help teams experience a return to real trust and safety in the workplace. 

Courtney brings grounding presence and anchoring to a team or a group of people looking to share a transformational leadership experience as a group.  Her group facilitation style is one of listening, inclusion, safety and creative thinking, and her one-on-one coaching helps each leader feel whole and considered so that they can bring their best to group leadership development work and back to the workplace.