Collaborative & Transformational Team


Collaborative and Transformational Team (CTT) sessions are designed from one-on-one interviews with each team member for the purpose of obtaining a current assessment of the team. We facilitate, a two-day on site immersion where team members are fast tracked to recognize their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, breakdowns, blind spots, and dysfunctions. We hold team members accountable to creating the outcome, they say they want, through a range of processes and in-the-moment conversations.

Leadership Team Members are guided through the work of realizing their fullest business potential to be a dynamic and congruent team that chooses to work from their mission, principles and values and a trust-based, creative, innovative and collaborative transformational mindset.

In order for any team to evolve from a team of individuals demonstrating Conflicted and Competitive behaviors to an interdependent team demonstrating Congruent and Collaborative actions, an intervention is required.

The Blackwolf model

An innovative operating system for transforming business leaders
INitiate &
form a team
Conflicted &
Competitive team
Accelerate to a
congruent &
collaborative team
mindset shift to a
transformational team

An intervention is required for a team to move from step 2 to step 3..

The blackwolf model offers an empowering, pragmatic, and behavioral
approach to a transformation process for leadership teams
  • introduction
    & overview
  • Team member
    data collection
  • data driven
    thematic report
  • two-day ctt
  • online support
    between sessions