CTLA™ - Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration


Will you consciously and bravely choose to do the work?

CTLA™ will satisfy your desire for personal fulfillment and success.

Corporate CTLA™ – A year-long leadership development and transformational journey for your Leadership Team. It’s facilitated by a Senior BlackWolf Coach and is composed of Online Module Learning, One-on-One Executive Coaching, Leadership Learning Groups, and Team Virtual Retreats. This is a blended learning leadership program for teams who see that transformation is essential to be a courageous, conscious, and wise leader.

We recommend it for Senior Leaders and their Teams who see that transformation is essential to being masterful, courageous, conscious and wise in how they think, feel and behave.

Corporate CTLA™ curriculum draws its content from 25 years of BlackWolf Consultants’ direct experience with leaders, distilling and integrating high-leverage leadership mindsets and behaviors to generate collaboration and transformation. Research-based with an extensive bibliography to support the self-motivated leader and continuous learner.

Corporate CTLA™ Online Leadership Course includes:

6 Domains:

    1. Responsibility as Your Operating System
    2. Discipline of Vision
    3. Discipline of Accountability
    4. Transformational Conversations
    5. Discipline of Generating Clarity

Discipline of Relational Leadership

4 Sections

  1. Personal Leadership
  2. Interpersonal Leadership
  3. Team Leadership
  4. Integration & Application of Sections 1, 2, & 3 to Accelerate Innovation Leadership skills, behaviors and mindsets

24 Modules: (6 Modules per 4 Sections)

Each Module Includes:

  • Online Content Presentations for each module and ‘Action-Power’ Questions
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions with a Senior Level Executive Coach per Section
  • Facilitated Small Group (3 to 4) Leadership Learning Group Calls per Section
  • Team discussion forums throughout the program
  • 5hr End of Section Shared Learning & Virtual Retreat VCs
  • Final End of Program Cohort VC to anchor individual and team commitments to their ongoing leadership



CTLA™ Level 1 is a self-guided, impactful, 100% online leadership course ideal for High Potential Leaders, at an affordable price. This program is designed for companies that are ready to invest in their High Potential Leaders. CTLA™ serves as a complementary product for organizations who see coaching as a beneficial investment to building a “whole” relational organization.

The quest to become a great leader begins with an exploration of your inner world.  What is needed for you to know yourself? What do you stand for?  What thoughts and beliefs drive your behavior?  Who did you come here to BE this lifetime?

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