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The Wolf represents our instinctive nature that is wild and free, filled with sharp instincts, passion, creativity and ageless wisdom. The Wolf is revered for its power to bring transformation and learning to humans.The Black Wolf howling at the full moon symbolizes bringing light into times of darkness. The color black encompasses everything: what we know and what we don’t know.

BlackWolf Consultants guide their clients to the attainment of their goals, which requires an open mind and a willingness to question everything, embrace change, and seek fulfillment.

BlackWolf Consultants


Robert Krenza, Founder & CEO

Robert’s 25 years of experience working domestically and abroad with Senior Executives and their teams have provided him with an extensive understanding of their unique cultural nuances. Such locations include Latin America, Russia, India, Africa, the Asia Pacific, USA, Europe, and Australia. The work of BlackWolf Consultants consistently generates extraordinary success for its corporate clientele, producing a quantum change in their effectiveness. Robert has spent a lifetime studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation, which he views as the cornerstone to the success of his professional work.


Allison Doyle

Allison Doyle, Chief Operating Officer, CHP, CSCS

Allison attended Douglas College, where she studied Accounting and Psychology. The practical part of her was drawn to numbers, but she could not ignore her ability to
connect with others and her need for a deeper understanding of the human psyche. Allison is also a Certified HIPAA Professional and a Certified Security Compliance Specialist. Allison has extensive experience in Operations and Human Resources in the Insurance
and Records Information Management industries, working with large organizations and start-ups.

Allison does her work from the perspective that everyone has something to contribute to
the success of the organization. Everyone has a purpose. Some are to do great things
and others are to do small things in a great way. No one person is more important than
another. Allison is committed to helping visionaries achieve their goals by providing the
necessary foundational support that is needed to grow a well balanced organization.

Allison provides the foundational support that is needed at BlackWolf in order for the Executive Coaches and Facilitators to focus on assisting the clients in their transformational journeys.

Allison is known as a motivated and results driven professional with success at driving critical employee initiatives.  She fosters a collaborative and team-oriented work environment, committed to open and transparent communication.  Allison has proven ability to build strong teams and lead through influence and collaboration.  She’s an analytical, creative thinker and problem solver proven to effectively balance the needs of employees with the mission of the organization.



Kate Patton, Executive Administrator

Kate received a Bachelor of Science in International Relations, with a Minor in German. She is also a Certified Reiki Master and Reiki Trainer, offering her intuitive nature, guidance and care and creating a positive impact on businesses and business owners.

Kate has over 25 years in the US corporate world, multinational corporations and startups in the US and Germany. These experiences have given her a unique wide range of skills to draw from. Kate has performed worked as a Business Owner, Executive Assistant, Chief Administrative Officer, Project Manager, Event and Retreat Planner and Manager, Financial Planner, Account/Client Manager in Sales and Advertising, Business Consultant, Outside Sales, Reiki Healer/Trainer, and Sound Healer.

Kate has specialty training in Project Management and Administration. She has over 15 years as an Administrator and Project Manager in the areas of product development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, trade shows, media events, retreats and commercial construction build outs.

Kate loves creating and managing systems of organization and optimizing existing systems. Her driving force in business is to support others to succeed. Kate is excellent at making meaning out of chaos.  Kate operates from the state of being of service to others, it gives her the greatest amount of gratification to see how her support helps others thrive in what they do.

Kate provides her organizational support to Robert Krenza, CEO of BlackWolf, and the CTLA  Facilitators and Clients as Executive Administrator.  Kate brings all her skills and care to Clients that come to BlackWolf Consultants to support them in their journey of transformation. She uses the combination of her administrative and project management skills to provide the best to everyone she works with. That combined with her healing and sound healing skills, she has a unique ability to hold a large volume of data and still listen and feel peoples’ needs deeply, to offer the highest level of support to clients.

Kate is highly attentive to all of people’s needs. She brings a grounded, centered presence to everything she does. Kate is a caring, supportive, fast, a great listener, organizer and manager of tasks.



Farhad Motiwalla, Senior Communication Specialist and Consultant

Farhad Motiwalla works with business leaders on the skills and strategies required to drive results. He works across industries with a specific focus on helping the senior-most executives, and company board members:
– Lead, grow and manage their organizations through complexities,
– Navigate change, support them in the execution of the strategy,
– Tackle critical business issues while challenging their approach,
– Clearly think through intended (& unintended) consequences,
– Develop their brand as authentic leaders, leading in complex times.

In addition, he effectively coaches in the areas of negotiation, business development, ethical decision making and persuasive communication skills for a variety of high stake situations. Clients and colleagues have expressed Farhad’s style as “insightful and his ability to inspire and execute dramatic change” as very valuable. Using powerful and progressive coaching techniques/frameworks, Farhad has been able to transform the way leaders and their teams come together to think about every aspect of their business. Just as importantly, he brings a critical focus on measurable outcomes, ensuring that key resources and activities needed to achieve breakthrough results are identified and supported. Farhad is passionate about his clients’ success.

A graduate of Cornell University, Farhad speaks English, Hindi, Arabic, as well as working French and Italian. He has worked with companies ranging widely in size, market, and geography. His clients are around the world, from the Middle East to the Far East, Europe, and North America. A few of his recent clients include: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Stanford University, Barclays PLC, RBC, Moelis & Co., Elliott Management, Euro RSCG, AMC Networks, Credit Suisse, Nestlé, Mars, The Brunswick Group, and American Express. Farhad is also a well-regarded coaching faculty member for Harvard University’s Advance Management Program within the Harvard Business School.



Christina Neiman, Senior Consultant

Chris Neiman works with individuals and teams to increase focus, collaboration and effectiveness. Her change management, team alignment, leadership training, and executive coaching programs create traction for real change, establishing an environment of trust and risk-taking, which in turn optimizes breakthrough skills development and performance.Ms. Neiman’s extensive organizational and leadership development background includes work with such companies as Mars Corporation, Coca Cola, NASA, Disney, and Towers Perrin. Her interventions include strategic change management, team building, conflict resolution, visioning and facilitation training.In addition to her consulting work, Chris was a lecturer at Vanderbilt University, where she taught International Leadership in Business, Human Resource Development, Organizational Design and Structure, and Executive Coaching.Seen by her clients as straight-forward, creative, compassionate and results-focused, she uses her expertise in adult and organizational learning to support concrete and sustainable change.Ms. Neiman has a B.A. in French Studies, an M.A. in Adult Learning and Development, and is a certified coach.


Burke Aug Photo 1

Burke Miller, Senior Consultant

Burke Miller has 20 years experience coaching executives and facilitating high-level teams. Burke is known for his ability to get to actionable breakthroughs quickly. His clients tangibly increase the quality of their leadership presence and impact; and improve their capabilities to build trust, drive innovation, and create cultures of excellence. Clients also invariably make strides in creating healthy integration of their personal and work lives through Burke’s skill at working with the “whole leader.”

Burke has coached and facilitated extensively internationally, working with leaders in Latin America, Europe, Australia, China, Russia, India and Japan for multinational clients including Mars, Owens-Illinois, Kellogg, Proctor and Gamble, Accenture, Nestle and Mazda. Burke is partnering with BlackWolf Consultants at several levels in Mars, including work with two global presidents, and previously with the Global Leadership Team of Mars Petcare. He has served as the content design leader and lead coach for the BlackWolf Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration (CTLA) program.

Burke’s formal education includes an MA from Antioch University and a BA from Williams College. He also has extensive formal training, experience and mastery in educational design, human development and psychology. He has advanced training in organizational and executive coaching from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Center for Right Relationship; and training in leadership methodologies with CTI, Verus Global, and Denver Community Leadership Forum. He is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile, a comprehensive 360 feedback and coaching process.

Burke’s coaching style is firm and direct, while also compassionate and engaging, creating the safety clients need to move out of their comfort zones into new mindsets and behaviors. His focus is always on impact, helping the client bring out the best in people and teams through enhanced interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, behaviors that build engagement, and compelling vision.



Patty Oakley, Senior Consultant

Patty is a passionate learning professional with extensive experience enabling global businesses to achieve their strategic goals, improving the performance of teams and individuals. Known for coaching and building relationships with internal and external customers. She has strong skills in the design, development and delivery of effective performance improvement interventions.
Specialties: facilitation, leadership development and coaching in personal performance, management and leadership skills; and building a service culture of excellence.



Gabriel Krenza, Senior OD and Sustainability Consultant

Gabriel is a graduate of Presido Graduate School with a MBA in Sustainable Leadership and Analytics. Gabriel is a Senior Consultant with BlackWolf focusing on Responsible Leadership through several methodologies including Wilderness Immersions to reconnect leaders with their environmental and social ethos in their roles in global organizations. He and has worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as a Strategic Advisor for their professional sports greening initiative; his work includes developing strategy and recruiting business leaders and professional athletes to endorse and promote sustainable food purchasing practices at arenas throughout the country. He is a Senior Instructor with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), a wilderness education school offering expedition length courses in eight countries from Senior Executive and Navy Seals to Social Entrepreneurs and Graduate Students. He received two BA degrees with honors in both Environmental Studies and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Montana-Missoula. Prior to joining BlackWolf Gabriel managed a free range, grass-fed cattle ranch in Montana.

Deborah Inanna

Deborah Inanna, Senior Consultant, Equine Guided Coach

As Robert’s wife and partner, Deborah is thrilled to be an alliance to BlackWolf Consultants.  Through her company, Gates of Inanna Ranch, Deborah works as a life coach, writer and speaker, with a focus on guiding her clients to clear away anything that holds them apart from the joy, beauty, love, and wisdom that exists inside of them and around them all of the time.  Deborah also partners with our horses in Equine Guided Education (EGE) sessions, where the horse is the guide, reflecting the deepest feelings, non-verbal communication, and energetic vibration of the client.

Deborah is passionate about helping people remember that we are interconnected with everything, and that as we magnify our vibration and light, we enlighten those around us and raise the vibration of everyone, everything, and the planet.

Blackwolf Alliances

Dana Wright, Founder, Take-Action, Inc.

With 25 years of experience, Dana Wright’s consulting practice focuses on strategy development, employee engagement and change leadership. She partners with internal and external teams as a collaborator and process design partner.  Dana strives to change the conversation by “super-sizing it” on large paper so people can see their hopes, dreams and actions and really enable them to take action.

She is COMMITTED to her clients and works hard to create engagement at every stage of her process.  This begins when she first meets her clients. Dana is playful in her approach and serious about outcomes. She works collaboratively and interactively with our clients throughout the process so at the end of the day, the client feels as much a part of the success as she does.

Dana has a masters degree in Organization Development, is a certified coach and a published author of the book We’ve Got to START Meeting Like This!

Blackwolf Advisors

Peter Cook, Business Advisor

Peter serves as an outside business advisor to Black Wolf Consultants LLC.  He assists with strategy development and human resource optimization.  At the Jewel Companies of Chicago and then with Charles Levy & Co., Peter worked for 25 years as VP Store Operations, VP Growth & Development, and CFO.  He has spent the last 15+ years as a private investor and business advisor.  Peter has an MBA from Stanford University.  He also holds a degree in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire.

Mark Butler, Financial Advisor

Mark established the investment advisory and wealth management firm that is Butler Financial in 1996, after working for and training extensively with American Express/IDS.  He is Principal of the firm, relating directly with clients on matters of investment strategy, wealth transfer, and life transitions.  Mark holds a B.A./Philosophy (CU/Boulder) and M.A./Psych (Naropa University).

During the past seventeen years he has served as director on several boards of education, religious, and financial not-for-profit organizations.  Mark is the author of Zen Money Blues, a book on the psychology of money.  A second book on the topic of money-in-relationship is due out in the Spring of 2014.

David Clements, Technical Advisor

David is a hands on Engineering manager and Product developer with a varied career in diverse environments including iOS and Android Development, Enterprise Java, Embedded C and Ruby on Rails.

His career has been spent supporting the Boulder startup community, launching dozens of startups  from high tech machinery to social media to mobile apps to an entire mobile and online platform for the restaurant industry.

He is in the process of re-focussing his technology and product skills on the Organizational Development space. He’s committed to increasing effectiveness and engagement between OD champions and their clients.


Andrews, Ted  Animal Speak
A guide to understanding the spiritual and transformational powers of animals great and small.
View on Amazon

Arrien, Angeles  The Fourfold Way, Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary
Ms. Arrien respects the teachings of indigenous peoples; their respect for Mother Earth and their awareness of the relationship of everything to all of its parts. Nothing is separate, hence the phrase, “All our relations.” She has found that each of the four cardinal directions of the Medicine Wheel has something to teach us as we progress through life.  ”The Way of the Warrior” is the place of the Leader, where we Show Up and take a stand and choose to be present.  “The Way of the Visionary” is the place of the Seer, where we Tell the Truth about what works and doesn’t work for us.  “The Way of the Healer” is the place of the Lover, where we Pay Attention to what has Heart and Meaning for us.  “The Way of the Teacher” is the place of Wisdom, where we Let Go of Expectations, and yet are open to what we do receive.
View on Amazon

Arrien, Angeles  Living in Gratitude, A Journey That Will Change Your Life
A truly inspirational and practical book. Divided into 12 months, it is best used one month at a time as a guide to changing your habitual ways of thinking and reacting to life.
View on Amazon

Branden, Nathaniel  The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
A proactive demonstration of why self-esteem is basic to psychological health, achievement and positive relationships.
View on Amazon

Campbell, Joseph  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
Often cited as Joseph Campbell’s best book, this classic study traces the story of the hero’s journey and transformation through virtually all the mythologies of the world, revealing the one archetypal hero in them all.  Originally published in 1949, it has inspired generations of students.
View on Amazon

Cashman, Kevin  Leadership From the Inside Out
Becoming a leader for life.  A major paradigm shift in leadership development is needed.  This book is a “wake-up call” to remind us that our ability to grow as a leader is based on our ability to grow as a person.
View on Amazon

Fox, Matthew The Reinvention of Work
A new vision of Livelihood for our time.  This is a compassionate and powerful call for the reformation of daily work.  A splendidly illuminated path to heart and meaning.
View on Amazon

Fritz, Robert  Corporate Tides
The inescapable laws of organizational structure.  Fritz outlines the basic laws that determine a corporation’s success or failure. He examines the underlying structures that support business strategy, with the insight that structure gives rise to behavior.
View on Amazon

Fritz, Robert  The Path of Least Resistance
Learning to become the creative force in your own life.  Most of us long to create something in our lives. Fritz’s program for creating anything, is not based on pop psychology, but on the tradition of the arts and sciences.
View on Amazon

Goleman, Daniel  Primal Leadership,  Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence
Primal Leadership transforms the art of leadership into the science of results.   Unveiling neuroscientific links between  organizational success  or failure and “primal  leadership.”
View on Amazon

Goleman, Daniel  Social Intelligence, The New Science of Human Relationships
In Social Intelligence, Daniel Goleman explores an emerging new science with startling implications for our interpersonal world.  It’s most fundamental discovery: we are designed for sociability, constantly engaged in a “neural ballet,”  that connects us brain to brain with those around us.
View on Amazon

Govindarajan, Vijay, Trimble, Chris  10 Rules for Strategic Innovators, From Idea to Execution
Based on an in-depth, multiyear research study of innovative initiatives at ten large corporations, the authors identify three central prerequisites to strategic innovation: (1) Relinquish some key assumptions that made the current business successful, (2) Borrow assets from the established organization to fuel the new one, and (3) Learn how to succeed in an emerging and uncertain market.
View on Amazon

Haque, Umair  The New Capitalist Manifesto
Economic strategist Umair Haque lays out a new vision for building ‘disruptively’ better businesses.  In this stirring call for “constructive capitalism,” he argues that business as usual has outgrown the old paradigm of short-term growth, competition at all costs, adversarial strategy, and pushing costs onto future generations.  He argues that these and other outworn assumptions are good for creating only “thin” value-gains that are largely illusory and produce diminishing returns every year.
View on Amazon

Hillman, James  The Soul’s Code, Man’s Search for Meaning
World renown Jungian therapist and author breaks with the Jungian/Freudian traditions and creates a new perspective on humanity’s and each individual’s purpose, reason for being.
View on Amazon

Mackey, John and Sisodia, Raj  Conscious Capitalism
Liberating the heroic spirit of business.  At once a bold defense and reimagining of capitalism and a blueprint for a new system of doing business grounded in a more evolved ethical consciousness, this book provides a new lens for individuals and companies looking to build a more cooperative, humane, and positive future.
View on Amazon

Mark, Margaret and Pearson, Carol S. The Hero and The Outlaw
Building extraordinary brands through the power of archetypes.  This book illuminates the most ancient grooves in our mental architecture, which Carl Jung described as “archetypes,” and shows how they can be employed to bring meaning and profit to a brand.
View on Amazon

Pearce, Terry Leading Out Loud:  The Authentic Speaker, the Credible Speaker
Effective leadership is fundamentally about envisioning change and inspiring true commitment- not mere compliance- in others.  Speaking is the bridge between vision and action, and the most influential leader is one who can communicate a vision in ways that persuade others to make that vision their own.
View on Amazon

Quinn, Daniel  Ishmael
Fictional  story of western civilization’s cultural  norms based on scarcity  and taking.
View on Amazon

Ruiz, Don Miguel The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
In The Four Agreements shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple yet effective code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors.  The Four Agreements are very simple, but very profound. To embrace and live each of the Four Agreements is to find yourself experiencing personal freedom–possibly as never before. The Four Agreements are:  Be Impeccable With Your Words, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, and Always Do Your Best.
View on Amazon

Ruiz, Don Miguel The Mastery of Love, A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship
The Mastery of Love’s simple truths have the potential to profoundly alter how you view loving relationships as well as your relationship with yourself.  Don Miguel teaches through parable and direct suggestion the transforming power of self-love. He says that all relationships start with you, and how you feel about yourself. You will allow just as much abuse and what he calls “emotional poison” as you inflict upon yourself. A truly loving relationship requires self-love – which is so lacking in most of us.  Yet with our mate we tend not to accept them as they are, we expect them to be different, to act in ways they would not naturally act. Then we are unhappy with them. We think we are in love with them, but really we’re in love with how we want them to be. He says that we do not truly accept this person we say we love because we don’t accept ourselves.
View on Amazon

Senge, Peter M. The Fifth Discipline
Learn the foundations of systems thinking  from Senge, who is widely regarded as its foremost practitioner. Academic in approach, the book is nevertheless rich in insight and enormously useful.
View on Amazon

Solisti-Mattelon, Kate  Conversations with Horse
An uncommon dialogue of equine wisdom.  A profound work of ancient wisdom which reveals the role of horses as our teachers on ways to trust and open our hearts like no other messenger.
View on Amazon

Some, Malidoma Of Water and the Spirit
Ritual, magic and initiation in the life of an African Shaman, an autobiography of a modern medicine man from the Dagara Tribe of West Africa. Malidoma Some’s vision encompasses two worlds and weaves the lessons of both into a fine tapestry.
View on Amazon

Tichy, Noel M.  The Leadership  Engine
As President of General Electric University, Corotonville, NY, Mr. Tichy describes how winning companies build leaders at every level in a leader-driven organization. Leaders have ideas, values, energy and edge; without leaders, organizations stagnate.
View on Amazon

Twist, Lynne The Soul of Money
Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources.  A wise and inspiring exploration of the connection between money and leading a fulfilling life.
View on Amazon

Villodo, Alberto  Dance of the Four Winds
Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel.  Dance of the Four Winds recounts the adventures of the American psychologist and medical anthropologist Alberto Villodo as he journeys to Peru to explore visionary ceremonies of the native shamans.  Entering a magical realm of enigmatic sorcerers and powerful animal totems, Villodo confronts the hidden powers of his own mind as he unlocks the secrets of the human psyche.
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Werbach, Adam  Strategy for Sustainability, A Business Manifesto
Leaders must move beyond the relentless pursuit of short-term profitability toward long-term sustainability­ and that doesn’t mean “green.”   Leading business strategist Adam Werbach pushes sustainability well beyond accepted notions of saving the planet.   In Strategy for Sustainability, Werbach broadens the movement to address social, economic, and cultural trends.
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Wheatley, Margaret J. Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organization from an Orderly Universe
Revolutionary  discoveries in quantum  physics, chaos theory, and biology  are overturning models of science that have dominated for generations.Wheatley discusses how this “new science” provides equally powerful insights  for transforming concepts of leadership and organizations.
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Leader to Leader Periodical
A quarterly publication of The Drucker Foundation.  Designed to host useful conversations among leaders of public, private, and social sector organizations.

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart:  Poems for Men
Compilation of over 1,000 prose and poems over the past 1,000 years representing aspects  of men and masculinity through the ages throughout all cultures. Edited by Robert Bly, James Hillman, Michael Meade.
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